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(Current Senior)

BFA — UX Design

Aug '19 – May '22

Majoring in UX Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a minor in Graphic Design. Focusing on product and interaction design skills.

Dean’s List Fall 2019 — Spring 2021 (All Quarters)

Keynote Speaker

SCADpro // Virtual

Fall 2021 Unveiling

Selected from over 200 students as one of five to speak during the event. Spoke on past experiences in SCADpro sponsored courses and events. Contributed to the story of growth SCADpro was promoting throughout the Fall 2021 SCADpro Sponsored Course Unveiling.

Production Lead

HP, Adobe, NVIDIA, Intel // Virtual

Winter 2020

Led team meetings, direction, and made final decisions on materials before they were presented to the sponsors. Matched each task with the appropriate team member based on their skill level and comfort. Coordinated responsibilities with the other sub-teams and provided daily progress reports for the whole team.

Apple Retail

Apple Fair Oaks

Aug '14 – Aug '19

Apple trained me from the ground up to be a customer satisfaction machine. Right out of high school, I started absorbing the fundamentals of UX design from one of the best UX designers in the world.


Sep '17 – Aug '19

Utilized troubleshooting and triaging skills for both macOS and iOS issues, including Mac and iOS repair. Maintained and inspired team culture, working with individual team members to improve results based on customer feedback.

Lead and Learn

 Jun '18 – Jul '18

Responsible for training new hires and ongoing training for current team members. Created multiple keynote presentations that presented advanced computer concepts in an intuitive and concise manner.

Technical Expert

 Apr '17 – Sep '17

First-wave entry to a new role, chosen because of my technical learning ability and my feedback skills. Repaired iPhones to the high standard Apple requires.

Technical Specialist

 Jun '16 – Apr '17

Utilized skills troubleshooting and triaging customers’ iOS issues. De-escalated emotionally hijacked customers and provided empathetic, patient customer service to resolve software, hardware, and educational opportunities.

Visuals Captain 

 Nov '14 – Jun '16 

Managed cables, imaged and put demo content on new devices. Disseminated information to the rest of the team in a timely and concise manner. Put procedures into practice to increase efficiency and minimize shrink.


Aug ‘14 — Jun ‘16 

Paired extensive product knowledge with strong verbal communication to probe for needs and recommend products that would best suit each customer.


AFA — Graphic Design

 Aug '15 – May ‘19

Worked towards an AFA in Graphic Design at Northern Virginia Community College in Sterling, VA. Transferred to SCAD to complete 4-year degree.



HOTOSM // Global

Aug ‘16 — Current 

Mapped locations on OpenStreetMap for humanitarian and relief with the HOTOSM tasking manager. Generated digital building footprints based on satellite imagery.

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