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Verint Systems

Intern — Sales Innovation and Enablement

Jun '21 – Aug 21'

Collaborated with the sales demo team to define the next generation of their product demonstration software. Produced high-fidelity mock-ups to guide future product demo enhancements. Created a new brand identity to replace the current brand used for demo purposes. Wowed mentors with proficiency using prototyping tools like Figma.


BFA — UX Design

Aug '19 – May '22

Majored in User Experience (UX) Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a minor in Graphic Design. Focused on visual, product, and interaction design skills.

Dean’s List Fall 2019 — Summer 2022 (All Quarters), 3.92 GPA

Senior Studio Mentor

SCAD UX Program // Virtual

Jan '23 - May '23

Mentored a team of five students throughout their capstone senior project. Advised on direction, ways of working, presentation and communication, and team dynamics.

StartUp 2023 Mentor

FLUX UX Club // Virtual

Feb '23

Mentored five teams for StartUp 2023, each with their own week-long project. Introduced multiple participants from non-UX majors to the basics of design thinking, UX, product design, and design communication through presentation and visualization. Notable as most mentors took only one or two teams as mentees.

Portfolio Workshop

FLUX UX Club // Virtual

Dec '22

Guest-starred in a workshop for UX students to learn how to build their own portfolios. Showed the reasoning and method behind my website and gave advice on how to display projects and work experience.

StartUp 2022

FLUX UX Club // Savannah

Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

Completely re-did workshop events for the largest design competition in the south-east US. Partnered with over 7 SCAD clubs and companies like Adobe to host workshops that were meaningful to competition participants. Successfully organized 22 workshops (previous year was 4) with topics ranging from Design Thinking Basics, Visual Design, Industrial Design, Game Design, Communication, and more. See the full schedule here.

Student Highlight

SCAD District // Savannah

Winter 2021

Selected by SCAD's District newspaper for an interview along with fellow FLUX Officer Savannah on behalf of the UX Major. District asked questions about what our field is, what to expect from classes, and why we love our major. This is part of an ongoing series of videos geared towards potential students who want to learn more about SCAD's majors.

Figma Tutor

Freelance // Savannah

Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

Approached by multiple students for private, paid tutoring sessions. Lessons range from beginner to advanced in the areas of visual design, interaction design, workflow, and prototyping.

FLUX Officer

Community Education Coordinator

Summer 2021 - Summer 2022

Officer of the Future Leaders of User Experience (FLUX), SCAD's UX Club. Determined curriculum for multiple workshop events throughout the quarter to teach students the professional tools they'll be using throughout their careers. Hosted events and gave interactive lectures exposing students to these tools in an easily understandable, applicable manner. Partnered with other clubs to bring skills from their fields to further enrich students' skillsets beyond my personal capabilities.

Team Co-Lead

SCADpro × Google // Savannah

Fall 2021

Led cross-functional team of designers through a SCADpro Collaboration course. Worked under the guidance of Google to research, develop, prototype, and test user-centered design solutions focusing on how underrepresented groups are managing their money in the U.S., and then co-creating solutions with representatives of these groups in Savannah and Atlanta.

Moderator / Host

Career + Alumni Success // Virtual

Transitioning Into Tech Q&A Panel

Recommended as a moderator for a SCAD Alumni Q&A panel focused on transitioning into the tech field. Determined questions beforehand with Career + Alumni Success department, met with speakers before event, and asked questions during the event. Kept track of time and answered student questions during the event.

Keynote Speaker

SCADpro // Virtual

Fall 2021 Unveiling

Selected from over 200 students as one of five to speak during the Fall 2021 SCADpro Sponsored Course Unveiling. Spoke on past experiences in SCADpro sponsored courses and design challenges I have taken part in. Contributed to the story of growth SCADpro was promoting throughout the event.

Production Lead

HP, Adobe, NVIDIA, Intel // Virtual

Winter 2020

Led team meetings, direction, and made final decisions on materials before they were presented to the sponsors. Matched each task with the appropriate team member based on their skill level and comfort. Coordinated responsibilities with the other sub-teams and provided daily progress reports for the whole team.

Apple Retail

Apple Fair Oaks

Aug '14 – Aug '19

Apple trained me from the ground up to be a customer satisfaction machine. Right out of high school, I started absorbing the fundamentals of UX design from one of the best UX designers in the world.


Sep '17 – Aug '19

Utilized troubleshooting and triaging skills for both macOS and iOS issues, including Mac and iOS repair. Maintained and inspired team culture, working with individual team members to improve results based on customer feedback.

Lead and Learn

 Jun '18 – Jul '18

Responsible for training new hires and ongoing training for current team members. Created multiple keynote presentations that presented advanced computer concepts in an intuitive and concise manner.

Technical Expert

 Apr '17 – Sep '17

First-wave entry to a new role, chosen because of my technical learning ability and my feedback skills. Repaired iPhones to the high standard Apple requires.

Technical Specialist

 Jun '16 – Apr '17

Utilized skills troubleshooting and triaging customers’ iOS issues. De-escalated emotionally hijacked customers and provided empathetic, patient customer service to resolve software, hardware, and educational opportunities.

Visuals Captain 

 Nov '14 – Jun '16 

Managed cables, imaged and put demo content on new devices. Disseminated information to the rest of the team in a timely and concise manner. Put procedures into practice to increase efficiency and minimize shrink.


Aug ‘14 — Jun ‘16 

Paired extensive product knowledge with strong verbal communication to probe for needs and recommend products that would best suit each customer.


AFA — Graphic Design

 Aug '15 – May ‘19

Worked towards an AFA in Graphic Design at Northern Virginia Community College in Sterling, VA. Transferred to SCAD to complete 4-year degree.




Jan '23 — Current 

Provided direction and critique for students and fellow early-career mentees. Booking available for half an hour a session throughout the week.

Icon Designer


Jun ‘21 — Current 

App icon designer for a well-known replacement icon site. Worked with user requests to deliver icons that fit the new macOS Big Sur style guide. Over 100+ downloads.


HOTOSM // Global

Aug ‘16 — Current 

Mapped locations on OpenStreetMap for humanitarian and relief with the HOTOSM tasking manager. Generated digital building footprints based on satellite imagery.

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