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Hi, I'm Quint!

I solve problems.

UX Alum from SCAD and former Apple Genius. I pair my love of consumer tech with strong product design and interaction skills to create experiences that delight.

Currently designing the future at ?WhatIf!

Thought Leader. World Shaper.
Innovative Thinker.
I’m currently at ?What If!, an innovation studio located in Brooklyn, New York. We solve some of the biggest problems for the world’s top brands using a human-centered approach and rapid de-risking techniques. As a Design Inventor, not only do I push the pixels — I help decide which pixels to push.
What I do at ?What If!
As a Design Inventor, I have lots of responsibilities.
UX Strategy
Most new grads work their way up the ladder of seniority before they start making strategy decisions. At ?What If!, my voice is contributing to every ideation phase and shaping the vision — not just executing it.
In addition to shaping the vision, I also help execute it. I visualize product ideas, architect user journeys, and iterate them based on client feedback.
When we talk to clients, I’m not shy. I help prepare for and then facilitate ?What If!’s legendary client workshops when it’s time to think, and I help deliver the final recommendation when it’s time to share what we’ve done.
The client work I do at ?What If! is under NDA, but I’d love to talk about my experience with you 1:1. You can reach out to me directly or on LinkedIn if you’d like to schedule a meeting.

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