My Story


I was born at a young age. Don't worry, I've grown since then. Ever since I can remember, I've been finding creative solutions to problems using tools I fashion myself. I've loved Sci-Fi since I first saw Star Wars, and I've loved electronic music since I heard my first synthesizer. I play Destiny 2 in what little free time I have, but most of my time goes into my schoolwork and preparing myself for my career.


My first year of college, I didn't do so well (at least on paper!). I actually failed out. I was going to George Mason University for Computer Science on a hope and a dream that I could program computers for a career. I knew I loved technology and I wanted to learn how to program so I could automate my life. That sounded good in my head, but in practice it was hard. I had no idea that it was basically a math degree, but I didn't even get to the major-related courses. I was failing, hard, and I needed to find out why so I could fix it.

I took a few semesters of Humble Pie at the local community college, NVCC, and I worked on myself. I learned that I worked better when I was physically in the location I learn in — so instead of going back home to work on projects, I stayed at school. I learned that I don't do well on projects I don't believe in, so I changed my major to Graphic Design (later at SCAD it would be UX) and worked on the things I cared about. And more than anything, I poured myself into my work and found value in wowing my professors and peers. I've grown so much, and I've learned a lot on the way about technical skills, how to formulate and give feedback, and what makes great design great.


I am on a mission to educate myself so I can build tools people enjoy using to get stuff done. After taking all the Graphic Design classes I needed for an AFA at NVCC, I looked elsewhere. SCAD offered me a solution that was more specific to what I wanted to do and more informative in the long run. My first quarters here were a little rough, but I never made less than a B, and I learned a lot about myself and motivation. I discovered I'm an introvert, for example. Living by myself has been amazing. I learned I don't like research but I love product and interaction design. I've done more design challenges in the last year than I thought existed, and I plan to keep going. This has been great.

And I'm just getting started.

Stuff I'm Proud Of
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