Who am I?

I love getting to know new people and finding their strengths. Here are a few of mine:

UX from the beginning.

I've always enjoyed finding solutions to problems using things around me. My passion for helping others, sharing cool technology, and finding effective solutions all drive me to create experiences that delight users and build the tools they love.

The mentor-ship is full steam ahead.

I find great fulfillment in teaching my peers how to do things. Part of me likes being a resource, part of me likes to see others flourish, and part of me likes to feel useful. Mentoring through the FLUX club mentorship program, sessions like QBits, and even in classes with my peers is one of the most profound ways I give back to my community.

The Internet gives me superpowers.

Since I was five years old, I've been teaching others how to harness the power of technology in their daily lives. I've learned how to find solutions to problems, answers to questions, and even tools to train myself by leveraging the power of the Internet. This ability to summon and process relevant information has served me well throughout my professional and academic pursuits.

Sci-Fi is best Fi.

Since seeing Star Wars when I was young, Sci-Fi has shaped my perception of media and the world around me — to this day I listen to electronic music and play video games in Sci-Fi settings. I can't wait for the future that Sci-Fi authors and directors have been dreaming about for decades, so I've decided to help make it.

I've learned how to fail.

I was a straight-C student in High School. A dropout of a computer science program. I failed a few classes from the local community college and went on academic probation. And while it may seem a lot, those experiences taught me something no school can: how to fail. I learned more about how I work, what I love, and what I'm passionate about. From the very first design class to this day, I have not recieved less than a B in any class — and since taking UX classes I've had straight A's.

Now it's my turn! Let's talk about you.

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