?What If! — Alc-Bev Marketing Data Tool

Designed modules for multiple pages and design system based on stakeholder feedback and ideation. Built out library of Figma variables, components and variants, and prototyped interactions. Assisted with Dev handoff.

Major Alc-Bev (Brand Removed)
Q2+Q3 2023
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Marketers from a major Alc-Bev felt detached from current current internal customer profiling tools that existed only in PowerPoint and Excel and had never been touched by any kind of designer. The new system needed to keep up with a new data collection and present that data in a meaningful way.
A new kind of "second screen "reference tool for markers of all scopes to learn about their consumers and how they consume product.

My Roles

Product Designer
I designed visuals for the team, such as screens for the prototype at the end of the project.
Content Strategist

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