QBits helps students learn the professional tools they'll be using to create stunning UX projects.


Project Lead Instructional Lead

Who would use this?

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What did I do?

Project Lead
I led the team by making decisions about direction, coordinating meeting times, assigning tasks, and representing the team.
Instructional Lead
Determined main topics to go over, prepared demo material, and delivered demo during events.

Visual Designs

These are the designs we produced as a team during the event. Click to expand!


I taught my grandmother how to use a VCR when I was 5.

Since then, I've been sharing the joys of new technologies I learn with others. While most UX classes at SCAD teach the UX process (and well!), from the very beginning, UX students are given the choice of what they want to use. While this offers many flexibility, for some it can be petrifying. Should I use Figma? Why can’t I just use Photoshop? How do I make it move? Do I have to code? QBits helps guide students through specific industry-standard tools like Figma, Miro, XD, Dimension, and more. They’re hyper-contextual, as students will attend workshops for tools that coincide with the theory they’re learning in class.

We've already given our first three: Lo-Fi Prototyping in Miro, Design in Figma, and Prototyping in Figma. Every session, students were amazed at the workflow tips and great insights on how to use the tools to get work done quickly and consistently.

Here's the playlist — we're just getting started!