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SCAD worked under the guidance of HP, Adobe, Intel, and NVIDIA to increase brand awareness and usage for the ZBook product.


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What did I do?

Production Lead
Production handled the On24 livestream event planning, intro and outro motion graphics, talent acquisition, creation of an AR swag box, and an event Discord.
I represented SCAD by hosting both the 2D and 3D events alongside the creators we invited to learn from, and I gave my own tutorial for 2D!
I designed and presented the final presentation, providing an engaging and informative experience for the viewers.

Visual Designs

These are the designs we produced as a team during the event. Click to expand!


SCAD worked under the guidance of HP, Adobe, Intel, and NVIDIA to increase brand awareness and usage for the ZBook product through an omni-channel approach to include experiences and other education-focused marketing tools, to show a specific audience the creative power of the ZBook.

The previous quarter, students had worked on researching what kinds of events would work best to promote the ZBook brand. This quarter, HP tasked us with creating two events, one focused on 2D and one on 3D, from the ground up. I was also fortunate enough to host both events with the talent we hired.

2D Event

The 2D event was hosted by Orlando Arocena, aka @Mexifunk. Orlando was our top choice for the 2D Event because of his unique style and depth of knowledge. It took some doing, but finally (two weeks before the event) we were able to secure his time. Our team ideated on a presentation flow for him, then brainstormed how to best deliver that information to the students who would be watching. The end result is a virtual experience that showed students how to paint with color in Illustrator.

3D Event

The 3D event was hosted by Sabour and Josh from NVIDIA and HP, respectively. We worked closely with Sabour and Josh to develop this event, keeping in mind that our demos should be practical things attendees could do at home, yet also mind-blowingly cool things that would amaze a veteran. Sabour and Josh pre-recorded multiple videos to show as demos during the event, and showed viewers how to take a real 3D scan of an object in their room and bring it into the digital world... along with a few twists.