A zero waste meal kit integration that makes sustainable eating rewarding.


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Who would use this?

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Human Factors

What did I do?

I designed and presented the final presentation, providing an engaging and informative experience for the viewers.
User Tester
Tested prototypes by observing users complete tasks. Asked probing questions to better understand user mental model.
Shot and edited the final Vision Video. Found ways to pitch and explain the concept in an easily-digestible format.

Visual Designs

These are the designs we produced as a team during the event. Click to expand!


Over the decades as technology advances and time progresses, the sustainable habits of our ancestors have been left behind to make way for convenience, single use plastics, and mass production. Not only is the Earth suffering, but so are our wallets. Food goes unsold at grocery stores, uneaten at home, and eventually ends up in landfill where a lack of oxygen prolongs its decomposition. Some have the desire to live more sustainably by composting, but they struggle with the know-how, time, space, and independence.

Meet Boks, a zero waste meal kit integration that makes sustainable eating rewarding. Unlike what current meal kit services offer, Boks facilitates collection of all of the packaging, waste, and compostables that are generated during cooking and helps users return them to mother nature. Our aim is to create vertical integration with meal kit services by helping consumers generate, store, and return food waste to us for rewards. This concept of a sustainable circular economy is an end-goal for sustainable living.

Boks has three core features: anthropomorphic packaging, compost and recycling collection, and a rewards system. All of the text on the packaging of Boks is written in first person to create a bond between the user and product — Instructing and guiding the user in a fun and memorable way. The paper bags that hold the ingredients for each meal morph into Compost Monsters. Users “feed” the monster their food waste, store them in their freezer, and when collection day comes, are placed back in their original box. There are two sections inside Boks that are revealed by pulling on tabs; one section is for recyclables and the other is for compostables. When a new Boks gets delivered, the previous one (now full of recyclables and compostables) is picked up. Boks helps users identify what is actually recyclable and compostable with graphics on the bags, dispose of the waste properly by giving them an immediate place to dispose of them, learn how to cook with helpful video instruction, and be more mindful of the environment in their daily lives.