Loyalty Program Concept UI
Conceptual UI mockups for a top 5 airline + major credit card benefits program
We discovered multiple customer pain points our client could improve with the experience of going to the airport. Customers disliked waiting for security, were concerned about parking, and wanted better day-of-flight rewards.
A suite of benefits to make the airport experience more streamlined and using the credit card more rewarding. We pitched three starter ideas for benefits that would directly improve the customer experience and compel users to buy and use the rewards of the credit card.
My Role
Worked with team to identify ideal product features and the best way to implement them. Developed conceptual UI mockups to illustrate every major feature we tested with consumers.
Client Privacy
Due to the forward-looking nature of this project, I have removed all branding and verbiage from the project and replaced it with ?What If! branding and placeholder text.
In our research, we found users wanted three main things to improve their airport experience:
One universal pass for all things: parking, payments, ticket, etc.
Compensation for price fluctuations in post-purchase ticket price
Earn free day-of-flight features like lounge access or reserved parking parking
One pass to rule them all
A supercharged pass with everything you need to park, get through security, grab a coffee in the terminal, get on the plane, pick up your bags, and ride into the sunset in your rental.
Using one multimodal NFC/QR card, you can breeze through every part of the airport experience. Forget shuffling through your wallet or printed boarding passes, everything is here and taken care of ahead of time.
OmniPass default state
Upon NFC scan it automatically selects the appropriate card for payment, ID, parking, bag check, flight pass, and rental car
All the cards your OmniPass replaces
beat ticket price fluctuations
Ticket Drop Refund
Have you ever checked ticket prices a week after you got yours and noticed it dropped? Many consumers we interviewed expressed anxiety over choosing the best time to get a ticket.
With Ticket Drop Refund, the best time to get your ticket is right away. This feature automatically keeps track of the lowest price point after you purchase your ticket and awards you the difference as credit on your card.
Check your total rewards and rewards credit history, and see your recent credits for past flights
Automatically get notified of account credits and choose between points or credit to your card
have a great flight
Earning Premium Perks
The first day-of travel perk you can earn by spending money with the card is free reserved parking. At supported airports, you can reserve a space ahead of time to ensure a hassle-free parking experience.
The second perk you can earn is premium lounge access. While the card itself doesn't come with lounge access, you can still earn lounge tickets for spending $1000, for example.
View reserved spots and check how many free parking days you've earned through spending
Earn your way into the lounge for a premium pre-board experience
Concept UI is a new field for me — the focus is on illustrating the idea more than it is making a functional UI. But there's still a balance because you want it to be believable and have some level of grounding in the real world. Working with client stakeholders to ensure grounding, research to ensure usefulness, and my own skill as a UI designer was a stretch that helped me develop my skills and think more creatively.